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Bare Wilderness Survival Facts

Make fire using a Coke can and a piece of Chocolate

How to build a fire using a Coke can and a piece of Chocolate

The bottom of a coke can or beer can is convex like a lens. It will focus the light to a point like a magnifying lens and create a fire.

The can is not shiny enough to give a true focal point so it must be polished. The chocolate makes a great polish. Rub the chocolate on the base of the can and use your t-shirt to bring it to chrome like finish.

Once the bottom of the can is very shiny use it to focus the sunlight on a small pile of dry grass or cattail fluff or paper. I tried this and it really did work.

Click on image below for a larger view

The bottom of a coke can is a lense
Bottom of a Coke can
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