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Wilderness Outdoor Cooking, Outdoor cooking and a shelter take you along way toward survival
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Outdoor cooking will be important in keeping the two men eating their catches.

Wilderness Outdoor Cooking
Outdoor Cooking

Wilderness Outdoor Cooking
Outdoor Cooking
Cooking outdoors is not like cooking at home in the kitchen! It takes some skill and bushcraft to make a meal in primitive surroundings with little or no cooking utensils.
Of course in order to be able to cook at all they will have to be able to make a fire with just their knives and also hunt, snare or find some food to cook in the first place.
Check out the survival facts on how they intend to go about it.

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Preview Movie

Brad and Sean have made a cool preview movie. You can download it here.
(right click and select 'save as')

View Sean and Brad's Preview to their Survival Feat
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Or view the movie online here!

Making an A-Frame Shelter
A-Frame Shelter
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